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Having the iconic James Bond supporting your trade show activities will provide you with an extraordinary flow of visitors to your convention floor booth and at your evening hospitality events, Mr Keogh’s near-perfect Sean Connery, James Bond impersonation will have your guests believing they are indeed in the presence of 007 himself.



Corporate Events

The charismatic presence of Mr. Bond will add an exciting dimension to your corporate event both on and off the stage. His wit and charm as emcee, entertainer and presenter has endeared him to legions of people from around the corporate world. 

Make your next event one that will not be soon forgotten.



Special Events

Enhance your Commercial, Charitable or Civic event with a 007 theme and the exciting presence of the original James Bond himself… Sean Connery lookalike. The draw power of this iconic character virtually guarantees a turnout that is so crucial to your event’s success.  Request quote further down the page.

Private Parties

Having a private party where your quests can hang-out with the iconic Sean Connery /James Bond entertainer will be talked about for years to come.  Our 007 is sophisticated and witty.  He will charm your guests with his banter in genuine Scottish brogue.  It will be an evening to remember.

Bonded with Bond

Dennis Keogh Gets It Right as Sean Connery – Agent 007

January 11, 2020, The Augusta Symphony kicked off the Gala Season in historic Augusta, Georgia with a black-tie fundraiser featuring the legendary scores of”The Music of Bond.” Dennis Keogh was hired to attend and do what he does naturally, impersonate the one and only, Sean Connery. Unknowingly, the evening prior to the gala, Dennis’s dinner engagement with friends at a local Augusta hot-spot created such a stir within and outside the restaurant, that by the next morning, the news that Sean Connery had been sighted quickly became the talk of the town, rivaling the “Shiny Sheet” of the “Palm Beach Daily News” attesting to the fact that no one does Connery better. Dennis Keogh being himself deludes the public; he doesn’t have to pretend to be the likeness of the legendary Agent 007; he just is, hands down. Fast forward to the gala event the following evening, Mr. Keogh’s debonair looks, charm, and wit combined with the signature Sir Connery’s Scottish brogue delighted patrons beyond expectations of the planning committee that hired him. And, if that’s not enough, two more points must be noted: Keogh clearly loves his work impersonating the quintessential Bond of all-time; more importantly, Dennis Keogh, the person, is a gentleman and fine human being that you will be fortunate to meet him.

– Susan T. …Augusta Symphony Orchestra

Great Personality to work with.

We really enjoyed how flexible Dennis was to work with. We were doing a 2 day conference and were not sure exactly how we were going to use him until he actually got on-site. He was quick to step up in our inprov intro scene and then performed the master of ceremony duties for the rest of the meeting. Would definitely hire again if the need comes up.

– Dee S.

Far Exceeded Expectations!

We had Dennis ”Sean Connery” as the guest of honor at our License To Party  James Bond 2017/18 New Year’s Eve party. Not only was he an incredibly nice man but he new exactly what to say to who and at what moment. He worked the room well, posed for hundreds of photos and all the while he kept a smile on his face and had the unique ability to make each couple or person feel like they were the most important person in the room for the brief encounter.


– Mike Robbins

License To Thrill 

We brought Dennis in to host our License To Thrill casino promotion and interact with our guests as well as host the promotion. Dennis was a consummate professional and interacted easily with the crowd and was a true professional throughout his entire time with us.

I would recommend him to any one who is looking for a James Bond (Sean Connery) impersonator for any type of event.

– Mike A.

Great on Camera!

We are an agency that hired Dennis as a James Bond character for an internal marketing video for a Fortune 100 company. Not only did he come prepared by knowing his lines, dressing the part, and arriving ready to work–he only needed one ‘take’ to nail the shot. He was extremely professional and fun to work with. We highly recommend Dennis. –

– Sally B.

Dennis can really work a room!

I worked with Dennis recently at a James Bond-themed event in Las Vegas. He was incredibly professional… greeting guests and setting the tone as soon as they walked in the door. During the party, he made his way through the crowd (always in character!) chatting, posing for pictures with our guests and keeping the energy up. Every time I looked up to check how he was doing, he had somebody roaring in laughter or engaged in fun conversations. He moved around the room like the pro he is and made for a great party host. I highly recommend Dennis if you’re looking for a James Bond/Sean Connery impersonator.

– Donna G.



Charming and Debonnaire!

My company hired Mr. Keogh to promote our company at our trade show booth at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. He was wonderful! He was very outgoing and charming, interacted very well with the crowd, and was an excellent draw to our booth. There is no resisting Mr. Keogh’s charm and panache when he puts on the Sean Connery swagger and accent! We can’t recommend him highly enough!

Recently we held a James Bond Casino Night and hired Dennis as our Sean Connery impersonator. Needless to say he was awesome! Everyone absolutely loved him and he truly helped make our event a success. He mingled with our guests, took photos with the guests and was such a great addition to our themed party. On a personal note, Dennis is one of the nicest guys you will ever work with. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an Sean Connery impersonator. He’s the best!

– Andrea M.

Best on the planet!

I run an entertainment company, presenting live entertainment for mostly corporate events. In my 27 years in business, I have worked with a number of Sean Connery impersonators- none of them even gets CLOSE to Dennis Keogh. Dennis is not only a dead-ringer, but he really gets into character. I have booked him as 007, as a Sean Connery emcee (in a kilt)- my clients have always been thrilled with his performance.

Dennis is also a true professional, and a joy to work with.

If you are seeking a Sean Connery / James Bond look-alike / impersonator for an event, then look no further. Dennis is the best there is.

– Lou B.

Sean Connery: DEAD RINGER! The World’s Best Impersonator

As a booking agent and PR person, I have hired Dennis Keogh as Sean Connery on 4 occasions over the past 5 years, and he has always outdone himself! Other than being a dead-on look alike, he actually talks more like the Real Mr. Connery than any other impersonator I HAVE EVER HEARD!! My corporate clients are prominent Silicon Valley high tech companies, and they always have demanding requirements. From introducing a CEO for an annual keynote speech, to greeting event guests on the red carpet, Dennis exudes the very personna of Sir Sean himself! He is very quick-witted and although he uses his gifted sense of humor to spar with guests in a good-natured repartee’, it is always in good taste. This reflects positively on both my client company – AND the real Mr. Connery can be proud of his Number one clone. My advice is for any interested “Sean Connery” buyers to stop short when looking at photos of other so-called impersonators. If they don’t look much like Connery, they are going to look even worse in person. Pay the price for a seasoned pro like Dennis Keogh and you will get far more than your money’s worth!

– Scott E.



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