Greenport Maritime Festival's special guest - '007!'

Debbie Smith Fordby Deborah Smith Ford - Celebrity Lookalike Examiner
October 2, 2010
The quiet village of Greenport, New York located in Suffolk County in the town of Southold is a major port for its area. Its recent growth due, in part, to Greenport being a three way link for travelers taking the Long Island Expressway towards New York City, crossing Shelter Island to Sag Harbor, or riding Cross Sound Ferry to Connecticut.

There are times when this village is not so quiet. One of those times, since 1989, is when they hold their annual Greenport Maritime Festival. This year’s 21st celebration was indeed something to remember.

Greeport Festival - Dennis KeoghA special guest was invited for the Greenport Maritime Festival held September 25-26, 2010. This guest arrived by boat and was part of the festivities. A celebrity lookalike who professionally portrays James Bond (Sean Connery's Bond), and has for several years filled the 007 shoes quite well, was the festival's guest. So well that many, if not most in the village, thought it really was Sean Connery!

Dennis Keogh, the professional lookalike, who paid tribute to Sean Connery's 007, received a mixture of reactions, all of them very positive. Keogh brought an excitement to the village’s festival, creating quite a stir and buzz - so much so that he was interviewed during and after the event by numerous media.

Keogh was hired for this event, like he always is for other gigs, as a celebrity lookalike. In addition to Keogh’s/Connery’s presence, an initial illusion was created. This illusion included a security team that surrounded Keogh upon his entrance, by boat, with a 007 flag waving, and of course the fans went crazy seeing this grand entrance.

And so they should be excited, as Keogh is a spot-on double for Sean Connery, not only with his physical appearance but with his mannerisms and voice to boot!

All in all throughout the whole weekend, the festival was a wonderful experience, and Keogh’s presence as Connery was as well. Not once was Keogh asked if he was Sean Connery. He just stayed in character, as hired, and did it well.

Eventually Dennis Keogh's true identity was given, even written up in local and national publications, but due to Keogh’s demure, professionalism and ability to stir excitement, most of the village was happy to have him be a part of their celebration. After all, Sean Connery or not, this guest turned out to be the next best thing!!!

As stated earlier, ‘most’ of the village was happy. There is always going to be a few who are disappointed, and there were. It is usually those kinds people, and that is only natural, that do not know or understand anything about the celebrity lookalike business.

Dennis Keogh himself never said anything to indicate he was Sean Connery. Instead, he assumed his character and created excitement that the festival would not have had otherwise. Great job from a wonderful double 007!

NOTE: A lookalike is a person who closely resembles another person. He or she is a person who bears a close physical resemblance to a celebrity, politician or member of royalty. Many lookalikes earn a living by making guest appearances at public events or performing on television or film, playing the person they resemble.

A large variety of celebrity lookalike images can be found throughout the web, including images placed by professional agencies that offer their services. Lookalikes have also figured prominently at least since the 19th century in literature, and in the 20th and 21st centuries in film.
Dennis Keogh as Sir Sean Connery's James Bond, '007'

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