'James Bond' takes aim in Canada with license to thrill

Debbie Smith Fordby Deborah Smith Ford - Celebrity Lookalike Examiner
September 1, 2011

Dennis Keogh, a lookalike and tribute artist to Sean Connery (aka James Bond/007) shares about one of his gigs. This 'Shooting Edge' gig was in Calgary, Canada, one of his many in 2011.

The gig was at The Shooting Edge, a gun store in Calgary. "I was hired to promote The Shooting Edge gun store, Calgary's number one place for all your gun needs. The store is owned by a former Canadian Sniper who fought in Bosnia. His name is J. R. Cox.

Dennis Keogh I had the privilege to meet him and do a James Bond photo shoot to help promote his store. This place has every type of weapon imaginable. It has indoor shooting ranges to sharpen your skill so you can shoot as good as James Bond, without, of course, a license to kill.

I was photographed firing the Walther PPK and of course many other weapons of choice." - Dennis Keogh

Keogh said that the people of Canada love Sean Connery and James Bond, and he discovered that due to being hired seven times or is that 007 times?

Everywhere Keogh went - from his hotel, train ride... the people in Calgary, mostly women, would stare for a moment, then approach him saying:

"Excuse me sir, are you... "

"Yessh dear but just for today."

Keogh would have fun with it for a bit then explain why he was in Canada. He found, however, that even when he told them he was a lookalike they would still get the greatest pleasure out of it, the same as he does.

"It never gets old having people tell you that you look like Sean Connery or asking, 'Are you Sean Connery?' I think they want to forget he is 81 years old and remember him when he was my age, 61, remembering the films, The Hunt for Red October (1990) or The Rock (1996).

I was told I looked like Sean since I was forty-two years old, and I still hear it everyday."

When asked how Keogh "lives" with this recognition, he said: "I learn to live with it and have fun with it, which is why I believe we all become professional lookalikes. It makes people happy, it makes us happy, and this world needs more laughter.

I will continue to do this, and I quote Sean when he was once asked 'How long do you think people will see you as James Bond 007?' His answer, 'Until I am in the box.'

According to Keogh, the best part of being a professional lookalike are the people you meet and the other lookalikes you get to know, work with and become friends with for life.

Keogh quotes Albert Einstein: "Surround yourselves with like minded individuals."

Thank you Dennis Keogh, '007', for sharing with us once again, it was fun, and your fans look forward to more Bond adventures!

Fans can follow Keogh as himself and as Bond on Facebook!

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